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Graduate Student and Non-Resident Undergraduate Meal Plans


You may purchase your fall semester meal plan here beginning August 1, 2015.

The best way to determine the most suitable semester meal plan choice is to consider the number of times a week (roughly) you plan to dine in the dining halls over the 16 week semester. Meal plans are semester based and do not rollover from semester to semester.

Our NDFS Meal Plans offer a block of board meals to be used in North Food Court or South Food Market.

If your board meal balance begins to run low during the semester, you may upgrade your meal plan to a higher block by sending an email to from your ND email address with your ndID number and your request.  If you find you have purchased too many meals during the semester, you may downgrade your meal plan to one level lower than the original purchase, but only until the day before the mid-semester break begins during October and March, respectively.
Flex Points are accepted in almost all on-campus retail food service establishments, excluding Legends and Sorin's. Unused Flex Points from Fall Semester carry over into Spring Semester, and all Flex Points expire at the end of the academic Spring Semester, May 15, 2016.  One Flex Point equals one dollar of value. 

The last meal of Fall 2015 is December 18, 2015.  The first meal of Spring 2016 is January 10.  The last meal of Spring 2016 is May 6, 2016.  All Flex Points expire on May 15, 2016. 

Meal Plans (Supplement your dining hall meals and receive $110 in Flex Points for $100)

Select 120 with Flex Points
Number of block meals: 120
Flex Point value: $110
Cost: $1,600

Select 80 with Flex Points
Number of block meals: 80
Flex Point value: $110
Cost: $1,125

Select 50 with Flex Points
Number of block meals: 50
Flex Point value: $110
Cost: $760

Select 32 with Flex Points
Number of block meals: 32
Flex Point value: $110
Cost: $530

Select 25 with Flex Points
Number of block meals: 25
Flex Point value: $110
Cost: $450


Gild the Plan In 23K Gold ($150.00)

Gild the Plan… This add-on option is available for all non-resident meal plans and allows students multiple swipes during any meal period for themselves or their guests. In addition, any unused meals from the Fall Semester roll over for use during the Spring Semester. The cost to “Gild” a meal plan is $150.00, which may be purchased online at the time of original meal plan purchase. To gild your already existing meal plan, send an email to from your ND email address with your ndID number and your request to gild your plan. All Gild add on purchases are non-refundable. You must Gild your Fall Plan prior to December 18, 2015, for it to be accepted for Spring 2016. If you deplete your meals and want to add more, or if you would like to upgrade your meal plan to a higher one, just send an email to from your ND email address with your ndID number and which block you would like.

“OK, you’ve sold me. Where do I buy my meal plan?”

Click here to purchase your Meal Plan and Flex Points online.

Meal Plans and Flex Points may be purchased either online at and charged to your Student Account, or in the Campus Card Office with payment by check. The Campus Card Office is located at 423 Grace Hall.  Please allow one business day for your Meal Plan application to be processed.

Terms & Conditions

1.  Notre Dame Meal Plans are effective for one academic semester only.  Unused meals from Fall Semester do not carry over to the Spring Semester unless the plan is gilded.  All Gild add on purchases are non-refundable.

2.  Meal Plans may be canceled only up until the last day before the mid-semester break begins.  The refund amount is determined by either the date of cancellation or the amount of unused meals, at the discretion of the Campus Card Office. The refund will be credited to your Student Account.  Meal Plans may be downgraded, only once during the semester, and only to the next lowest plan at any time before the mid-semester break begins.  Plans may be upgraded at any time.

3.  Any request to change a previously submitted request (or to add addition meal plan blocks) should be made by sending an email from your ND email account to with your ndID number in the body and the request to upgrade (and to which plan), to downgrade, or to add an additional meal plan block (note 'select' or 'block').  Requests will be processed without response and within two business days.  Charges or credits to your Student Account will be reflected within 5 business days. 

4. You may check your balances and recent history any time at this link:

5. All students are responsible for the policy and procedures located at this link:


Payment Options for Graduate Students on Stipends: If you are a graduate student receiving a University stipend, you may choose to pay for your meal plan in monthly payments. Graduate students who select the monthly payment option will need to complete a Payroll Authorization Form (100 Main Building).

For graduating off-campus Seniors who are staying for Senior Week 2016, your remaining meals from your off-campus meal plan will be accessible through Senior Week. Non-graduating student meal plans end with the Spring end date (see above) although individual meals may be purchased in the dining halls during Senior Week with various tenders, including remaining Flex Points which are available through May 15, 2016.