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Domer Dollars

What are Domer Dollars?

Domer Dollars

Domer Dollars are convenient electronic funds that are remotely programmed to your valid University of Notre Dame ID card (typically within 20 minutes of purchase).

Domer Dollars provide the power to make purchases at many on-campus businesses and also at select off-campus merchants without the need to carry cash or credit cards. Unlike a credit card, there are no mounting debts with Domer Dollars, no interest charged, and no monthly bill – just a record of the debits made from your already deposited funds.

Click here to Deposit Funds Electronically




Making Deposits

Deposits can be made electronically (minimum $20.00) by clicking on the link above and can be made by exact cash or check in the Campus Card Office, 423 Grace Hall (minimum $10.00). 


By purchasing Domer Dollars, you expand your ID card into a debit card that can be used to make purchases at many businesses on the Notre Dame campus as well as select off-campus merchants. 

  1. Safety: Domer Dollars allow you to make purchases without carrying cash. (Any lost or stolen ID card must immediately be placed on lost status through the link provided at the Campus Card Office web-page.)
  2. Convenience: Using Domer Dollars eliminates the need to carry cash and other cards.  It is the one card you need for your university life: building access, library check-out, dining hall access, rec sports admission, and off-campus purchases.
  3. Budgeting: Tracking your expenditures is easy. You can review the previous three months of activity at ID Card Check Balances and History.

Domer Dollars are accepted at these locations


On-campus Businesses:

The Hammes Bookstore

The OIT Solutions Center

Hesburgh Library Copy Center

Hesburgh and Debartolo Clusters


On-campus Restaurants:

Au Bon Pain

Burger King



Taco Bell/Pizza Hut

Huddle Mart


Café De Grasta


Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant and Alehouse Pub



North Dining Hall

South Dining Hall

On-campus Express Eateries:

a la Descartes

Cafe Commons

Cafe Poche


Decio Commons

Irish Ink

Kitz Kafé

















Click here for more information about off-campus merchants

biggby_coffee1130 East Angela Boulevard

chipotleEddy Commons, 1251 North Eddy Street

dominos1627 Edison Road

Einstein Bros2019 South Bend Avenue

Five GuysEddy Commons, 1233 Eddy Street

Jimmy John's54570 N. Ironwood

lets_spoon1635 Edison Road

papa_johns1827 South Bend Avenue

CVS2210 East Edison | 205 South Bend Ave

Penn_Station2202 South Bend Ave

world_famous_bbq135 S Dixie Way

world_famous_bbqEddy Street Commons

universityhealthservicesWalgreens at University Health Services

Vending and Laundry

Notre Dame Vending offers cashless vending and laundry with Domer Dollars in all Notre Dame residence halls.  There is a small discount provided for each laundry wash and dry cycle when you use your Domer Dollars.


Q: How do I know what my account balance is?

A: Your account balance is displayed after every purchase. You can also check your balance on line.

Q: Do Domer Dollars expire?

A: Your Domer Dollar balance carries forward as long as you are an enrolled student or employed faculty or staff member at the University of Notre Dame. Any remaining balance over $25.00 will be credited to your University account (Student Accounts for Students, and Payroll for Faculty and Staff) upon the expiration of your University ID card.

Please note: Domer Dollars are presently not an accepted form of payment for either football tickets or Meal Plan purchases. The off-campus purchase of tobacco and alcohol with Domer Dollars is not permitted.

If you have any questions about Domer Dollars, please contact the Campus Card Office at or (574) 631-7814.

Off-Campus Merchant Information

The University of Notre Dame and our card vendor, The CBORD Group, have moved the campus onto the UGryd network of services, allowing participating off-campus merchants the ability to accept your valid University of Notre Dame ID card as a method of payment using Domer Dollars.

Merchants who partner with UGryd will benefit from numerous UGryd features including:

  • Ability to provide an alternative method of payment for over 17,000 current and potential customers -- students, faculty and staff of the University of Notre Dame
  • Daily settlement of funds via ACH, directly to the merchant bank account
  • Access to a reporting website showing complete, real-time transaction activity
  • Dedicated toll-free hotline offering 24/7 support
  • State-of-the-art transaction processing terminal with fast transaction response times available in two formats: dial-up for analog phone line users, and IP for internet-ready users

If you wish to contact UGryd Merchant Services directly to inquire about a partnership, please call 877-636-2002, extension 3.  Should you have any questions for the University, contact Scott Kachmarik, Director of Auxiliary Services, at 574-631-6667.

How are Domer Dollars different from Flex Points?

Flex Points are an extension of the on-campus dining board plan and are accepted only in select on-campus retail food service establishments (excluding Legends and Sorin's).  During the academic year, any remaining balance of Flex Points purchased during Fall Semester carries over to Spring Semester.  At the end of the Spring Semester, and all Flex Point remaining balances expire and are not refunded.  Flex Points purchased during the summer (called Summer Flex Points) are for use only in select on-campus retail food service locations and only during a specified summer date range.  Flex Points may not be purchased by credit card.

Domer Dollars are much more versatile than Flex Points, with broader acceptance in more locations, both on and off campus.  Additionally, Domer Dollars never expire as Flex Points do each year.  Your Domer Dollar balance will carry over from year to year until the time you separate from the university.  So long as your remaining balance meets the minimum requirement listed above you will receive a refund of unused Domer Dollars upon separation through an automated process.  You may use Domer Dollars to make purchases at many select off-campus merchants in addition to the on-campus businesses, including both food and non-food related entities.  (Certain items that are deemed not in accordance with a healthy community and Church teaching may not be purchased with Domer Dollars).  Domer Dollars may be purchased by credit card, cash or check (details above).  Domer Dollars make your ID card the one card you need for your campus life!